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Keeping the mind working is not all. Some pause and rest it also needed. Some disconnection and a really important thing that we usually forget: have fun!

With this purpose are the Challenges that I am sure you saw time to time on social media.

Playing, relaxing and interacting with other artists, even from other disciplines. Looking for what is different, what contrasts, what reveals charm is a challenge in itself.

In the arts there are a wide variety of challenges dedicated to keeping our creativity sharp, so that we do not feel so alone, in our desks sinking under our desk-lamps.

So we can interact with each other... keep each other company.

💥Simple challenges that don't take a lot of time:

@jordanmatter with the "10 minute challenge". His videos are Awesome!!!!!

#drawthisinyourownstyle and ✅ #toonme are well-known challenges in the world of cartoonists.

💥💥Weekly and monthly challenges to encourage persistence and learning such as:

@Inktober and ✅@mermay

Where artists from all over the world gather in October and May to "duel" with themselves.

#crazyinquarentine by @lorifullerphoto

The artist created her own version of the 31-day challenge during the pandemic.

💥💥💥Truly challenging projects are those that require the most commitment, such as 52 weeks or 365 days, in both cases, year-long projects that put the ideas of the most indigenous people in a real jam.

#TELEIDOSCOPE was one of the 52-week challenges, that I did myself, and with its ups and downs, I have to admit that you are a different person when you finish it.


In this post I used some art from:

@loisvb, @pernilleoerum, @sarahconhachecartoonist, @kristinjfrost, @desireedelgado, @jscottcampbellart, @vinitasagooart,@bonesofparadise,@doughtycreative

Check them up, they are all amazing artists!

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