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Sie suchen eine Kreative Fotografin in Schwäbisch Hall?


Creative images that will always

take you back to how your wedding day felt.

Naturalness, spontaneity, reality...

Making myself invisible among your guests is laLola photographic style.

The bride and the groom are the center.

It is all about capturing the atmosphere of your day.

smiling bride

We can do anything you could imagine

Unlimited fantasy to find yourself. To reflect your

other side and let your imagination fly.

laLola has no limits to create!


Each pregnancy is distinctive, every pregnant woman is different, each baby is unique.

And every photo session is adjusted in detail to each one of them.

You will be still yourself being pregnant, being a mum. 

laLola will keep your stile in every photo.

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Ancla 1

Do you have questions? Let's talk!

Danke für Ihre Nachricht!

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